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Buyers Guide Enhanced Listing
Buyers Guide Enhanced Listing: Includes company name, address, phone, fax, website and general inquiry email, as well as company name under all appropriate categories in the Product/Service Offered section.

*ONLINE only until quarter 4 - 2023

Gravure: Process and Technology
The most comprehensive guide to Gravure available. This textbook was a collaborative effort among an extensive group of industry experts and educators and has long been used as ‘the book’ on gravure. Includes real-world examples, techniques, and applications to optimize your own results on gravure projects.

Available in English, Spanish, Russian & Chinese. Limited number in Russian and Chinese.
Gravure Specifications and Tolerances - ‘GST Blue Book’
Gravure operators love having this convenient spiral-bound quick reference nearby for helping generate the best-possible output. The book is a collection of simple specifications and tools, easy-to-read discussion, straightforward directions, and other gravure guidance and current best practices from ‘ideation’ to ‘creation’.

Available in English only.
AIMCAL Awards Entry Fee
Entry for one submission into one category. To submit multiple entries or multiple categories please increase quantity.
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SourceBook Box Ad for 2022/2023 Digital edition of the AIMCAL SourceBook
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Embeded Video for 2022/2023 Digital edition of the AIMCAL SourceBook
EAA Film, 3702.96.0000
EAA film: 1 mil thick, 3” x 72 yds, Core diam 3”, Treated Outside, No Slip

Golden Cylinder Award entry fee
The Golden Cylinder award is an annual recognition of the most creative and highest quality gravure print projects produced by various gravure operators throughout the Americas.

The aim of the Golden Cylinder is to inspire other operators, as well as salespeople and end-users to consider the outstanding results that gravure methods make possible.

The award is given across multiple categories to accurately reflect the technical knowledge and skill necessary... Details
Gravure Application Professional Course
The Gravure Application Professional course is to provide non-pressroom personnel the overall
process knowledge that makes up the strengths, distinctions and uniqueness of gravure printing. Those
professionals who support the pressroom from management, maintenance, graphics, graphic design,
customer service, print sales, and suppliers to the gravure market will gain understanding and basic
gravure knowledge.

*To complete registration please enter ... Details
Gravure Basics an overview of the gravure process
The Gravure Basics course was created for those new to the Gravure industry who needs an overview to make them familiar with the market segments, terms and equipment used in the Gravure Process. It is comprised of 13 videos (8-1/2hours), quizzes and reference material downloads. The videos are presentation from Gravure Industry experts recorded from current webinars. In addition to the videos there are downloadable reference materials that includes the speakers bio’s and contact... Details
Gravure Entry Level Course
The ENTRY LEVEL TECHNICIAN course is to prepare personnel to become pressroom assistants and
helpers. The selected modules will provide an overall pressroom knowledge from safety to understanding
of the gravure printing and coating process and provide the terms that are used. The course is intended to
accelerate the training for new hires and new to the pressroom personnel.

*To complete registration please enter the first & last name and email... Details
Gravure Master Operator Course
The GRAVURE MASTER OPERATOR course has selected topics intended to increase the experienced
operator’s overall process and pressroom knowledge. The materials in the course are to provide the student
with experiences and examples from others who work in the gravure industry not only in the pressroom
but from many support and equipment professionals. The lessons will assist a lead operator in mastering
the craft needed to deliver printed products in a... Details
Gravure Operator Course
The GRAVURE OPERATOR course is intended for assistants who have been on the job long enough that
their manager believes they would benefit from more training. The selected modules will also benefit
operators that may have come from Flexo, Off-set or other roll-to-roll printing processes and or personnel
who are returning to the pressroom duties. The course is filled with modules that give specific knowledge
that helps pressroom personnel progress in their... Details
International Converting Quarterly subscription
Converting Quarterly magazine annual subscription for those located outside of the United States and Canada.
AIMCAL Metallizing Technical Ref 5th Edition, 4901.99.0092
AIMCAL Metallizing Technical /reference 5th Edition
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Plastics Technology Handbook, Fourth Edition
Manas Chanda, Salil Roy
Because the field of plastics is one of the fastest changing areas today, the need arises to offer relevant, comprehensive material on polymers. An established source of information on modern plastics, the Plastics Technology Handbook continues to provide up-to-date coverage on the properties, processing methods, and applications of polymers. Retaining the easy-to-follow structure of the previous editions, this fourth edition includes new topics of... Details
Roll-to-Roll Vacuum Deposition of Barrier Coatings
Charles Bishop
Roll-to-Roll Vacuum Deposition of Barrier Coatings is a practical guide, providing the reader with basic information to help them understand what is necessary in order to produce a good barrier coated web or to improve the quality of an existing barrier product. Keeping mathematics to a minimum, the terminology and science is introduced, and includes descriptions about barrier testing methods and the vacuum deposition process. The book looks at the whole process... Details
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SourceBook 1/2 Page Ad for 2022/2023 Digital edition of the AIMCAL SourceBook
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SourceBook Prime Position Ad for 2022/2023 Digital edition of the AIMCAL SourceBook
International SourceBook subscription
AIMCAL 2020/2021 SourceBook for those located outside of the United States and Canada