Happy 10th Anniversary, Converting Quarterly

By Editor-in-Chief Mark A. Spaulding 

As we celebrate our 10th year in print publishing, it’s nice to look back at where we began, where we are and where we’re headed for our second decade. I’ll try not to be too heavy on the numbers. 

As AIMCAL’s official technical journal, CQ works to inform, educate and unite the global web-processing and finishing industry with its nearly 24,000 print and digital-edition subscribers. CQ eNews keeps 6,800+ readers up to date on the latest industry news every Tuesday morning. And with our 2021 Q1 issue, we’ve published a total of 625 Q&A columns and technical papers on pretty much every topic of interest to our worldwide audience.

But the number that’s most important is one – You. We couldn’t do our job without the contributions of individuals like you across the spectrum of R2R processing. Your research, your advancements in machinery and materials, and your breakthrough ideas are featured throughout every issue of CQ. We look forward to working with you in 2021 and beyond. 

It might be our anniversary, but you get the gift: Our new graphic redesign, courtesy of Art Director Becky Arensdorf. We’ve gone with more modern but still readable fonts; and we’ve made the pages more open and colorful. All in all, I think we’ve also remained true to the legacy of CQ

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