Software Crashes


By Clarence Klassen  
A while back, my computer drive and PAC software stopped working. I was able to borrow a different computer at my client’s today. Now I am in my hotel room, reinstalling software. The TV is on with Chicago playing Boston. Regular time ends in a tie. My software is not loaded yet. There are still many installs of various versions in the correct order, reinstalls and reboots. 

Three overtime periods. It is 1:00 a.m. Not finished with the software installations yet. Finally finished at 1:30. Lucky this time, the reinstall works. I can use my computer in the morning.

Next week it’s a different crash, Fatal Error. The first evening does not solve the problem. Call tech support. I haven’t paid enough for tech support, so I am on my own.

That evening, I found some help on the internet from a user group. This solution works. Simply delete a few files from a folder I never knew existed. The software ran. Communications did not work, so the communications driver had to be re-installed.

I was able to use my computer again the next day.