Three converters recognized with 2022 AWA Sleeve Label Awards

Reynders Label Printing, CCL Label, and Sleever International have been honored with 2022 Sleeve Label Awards in the annual competition organized by AWA Alexander Watson Associates (Amsterdam, Netherlands). The winners were announced during the AWAVirtual™ Sleeve Label Awards & 2023 Conference Preview on May 30. 

"There seem to be no end to the creativity, technological advancement, and 'on shelf' ability to capture the attention of consumers that sleeve labeling is bringing to the packaging industry – and the winning entries of 2022 AWA Sleeve Label Awards certainly prove that," says Corey M. Reardon, president/CEO of AWA Alexander Watson Associates.

Best TD Shrink Sleeve Winner:
After careful consideration, the judges awarded the "Best TD Shrink Sleeve" title to Reynders Label Printing for its entry, "Coppa Cocktails" (above). Shrink sleeves are most effective when shape, graphics, and product are aligned, judges said. Coppa Cocktails is a remarkable example of this alignment, featuring a unique cocktail-shaker bottle design and artwork that connects to each specific cocktail in the exclusive 15-cocktail lineup. With exceptional color-matching with the two-part closure, flawless execution of seaming and shrinking, and perfect alignment of complex graphics across the sleeve's seam, this product emerged as the clear winner, surpassing all others.

Environmental Contribution Winner:
The "Environmental Contribution" category recognizes sleeve labels that prioritize sustainability. CCL Label was recognized for its work on Henkel's Vernel Fabric Softener, which judges described as remarkable design that emphasizes recyclability, complying with EPBP guidelines (above). The container is crafted from 100% recycled, PET-bottle material and a low-density polyolefin sleeve, enabling the container to be easily sorted and the bottle to be recycled. Additionally, the container features compelling sustainability messaging and a zipper that enables consumers to remove the sleeve effortlessly before discarding the bottle. The 360-degree graphics on the container are well executed, and the sleeve’s shrink is impeccably done, judges said.

TD Shrink Sleeve – Honorable Mention:
Sleever International received an Honorable Mention in the special category for their sleeve label on "Canne Bleue" (above). The judges described this bottle as a visual masterpiece, capturing attention with its simple yet elegant design, complemented by the clever use of tactile elements and an impressive shrink application on the neck of the bottle. Its remarkable aesthetic qualities make it a deserving recipient of our honorable mention and a true visual delight, judges said. 

The panel of independent experts included Dr. Séamus Lafferty, president of Accraply, Inc., Tom Hammer, head-Technical Marketing at Siegwerk Narrow Web – CUSA, and Heath Luetkens, exec dir.-iC3D Software. Reardon expressed his gratitude to the judges for their exceptional efforts and emphasized that the award winners are a testament to the outstanding quality seen across the sleeve-labeling value chain at every level. Full details of the AWA Sleeve Label Awards 2022 winners can be found at

The 2023 competition is now open for entries, and prize winners will receive their awards at the upcoming AWA Sleeve Label Conference and Exhibition set for Oct. 12-13, 2023, in Amsterdam, Netherlands.