NICELY displays latest slitter/rewinder technology

Following a successful exhibition at Labelexpo Europe 2023 in Belgium, NICELY has returned with an array of promising leads from the packaging and labeling industry. Despite concerns expressed by some sectors about a sluggish market, our observation indicates that market demand remains strong.

NICELY has made an accurate prediction regarding a substantial surge in sales for its EG-8002 and EG-7008 series within the labeling and packaging industry due to high demand. This has proven to be on point, with continued robust demand for NICELY slitter/rewinders across various packaging segments, involving food paper packaging, composite label applications, and film-based packaging. This demonstrates the resilience and adaptability of the label and packaging industry in response to changing market dynamics and a growing emphasis on sustainable solutions.


In this article, NICELY shares with Converting Quarterly readers the three models that garnered significant attention at Labelexpo Europe 2023.



EG-8002 Series: Outstanding Performance and Automation Advantages of Large Roll-Diameter Slitter/Rewinders

Let's start by exploring the features of the EG-8002 large roll-diameter slitter/rewinder (above). This model has been engineered to cater to a wide range of slitting applications, including large-format label materials (pressure-sensitive adhesive), film, paper-composite materials, and thicker-range food-packaging paperboard substrates.


One of the standout features of the EG-8002 is its center-winding mechanism, which enables precise tension control for thin and thick materials. This results in exceptional roll-winding performance, ensuring the highest quality output for various materials. 

In terms of technical specification, the EG-8002 stands out with its capabilities. It accommodates with a roll width up to 2,600 mm, boasts a maximum roll outer diameter of 1,200mm, and operates at an impressive speed of up to 800 mpm.


Beyond its mechanical configuration, the EG-8002 series incorporates a comprehensive automation feature that significantly enhances productivity and efficiency, including:

    • Motorized web threading. 
    • Automatic knife-positioning system
    • Motorized finished-roll unloading, and add-on functions for weighing, packing, and palletizing finished rolls.

EG-7008 Series: Meeting Diverse Slitting Requirements with Top-and-Bottom Shaft Winding

The EG-7008 series uses a top-and-bottom shaft-winding method, which is a widely adopted technique in the slitting industry, especially for film-based applications. This series is another favored choice among professionals in the label and packaging industries. While it offers a slightly smaller roll diameter compared to the EG-8002, with a maximum of 800 to 900 mm, it impressively maintains an operational speed of up to 600 mpm.


The EG-7008 series offers a minimum slitting width of 25 mm, greatly enhancing operational ease with its one-sided operation configuration. Additionally, the dual-shaft unloading method ensures a seamless transition from rewind section to automated conveyance, packaging, and palletizing. To simplify the downstream roll-handling process, NICELY provides a comprehensive one-stop solution for customers seeking streamlined operations.



EG-1N01: Exploring a New Era of Automated Small Roll Label Slitting

Small-roll label slitters have been a longstanding cornerstone of NICELY's production lines, renowned for their stability and durability. Some customers still rely on the first-generation small-roll slitter/rewinders for their thermal receipt-roll applications. However, due to the intensifying price competition and the labor-intensive nature of these models, NICELY’s EG-1N series has gradually faded from our primary product offerings.


In recent years, small-roll slitter models have undergone significant transformations, driven by the surging demand, which has made it imperative to reduce reliance on labor-intensive processes and pushing for the development of fully automatic production lines. This evolution has garnered significant attention in the field of linerless thermal labels and has accelerated production cycles for POS rolls.


At Labelexpo Europe, NICELY's EG-1N01 fully automatic, small-roll slitter/rewinder stood out (above). Its impressive suite of automation features includes

    • Automatic paper-core loading
    • Automatic tail-material cutting
    • Tail-material adhesive application
    • Finished-roll conveying and bagging/boxing.

Responding to the growing demand from customers for reduced paper-core consumption, the EG-1N01 small-roll slitter (1 in. and 1.5 in.) introduced coreless roll-winding capabilities. This innovation not only leads to decreased paper-core use but also aligns with converters' sustainability goals.