Former NASA Engineer Develops First-Ever W & H Drip Tray Insert

You may wonder what former NASA engineers do after leaving the hustle & bustle of developing satellites, rockets, and spacecraft to advance humankind.   Well, in one instance, they go to work for DIPCO.  

DIPCO's very own Mike Smith, Director of Engineering, has not slowed down since departing the agency sixteen years ago.  He has just designed what could be his most valuable contribution to the people of Earth, or at least those of us in the printing industry running wide-web press equipment. 

DIPCO announces the rollout of disposable drip trays for Windmoller & Holscher’s 57-inch Miraflex model.  These drip trays, developed with ease-of-use in mind, are manufactured using a durable yet lightweight BOPET film material.  Designed as an insert to be fitted into the OEM drip tray, the construction allows for watertight corners, keeping all terrestrial inks or coatings captured within its confines.   Optional drain spouts, capable of sliding into OEM drain openings for superior draining capabilities, are available.

The use of disposable inserts eliminates the process of washing metal drip trays. Clean-up takes seconds.  Upon completing a production run, drain ink or coating material, remove the liner from the tray, and dispose of it.  Neither water resources nor harsh chemicals are required when utilizing tray inserts, compared to traditional cleaning methods used in today’s printing facilities.  Inserts also prevent ink contamination caused by improperly washed pans and drain hoses, saving money on added ink expenditures.

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