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Anniversary Bonus Offering
We are coming up on the first anniversary of my vlog postings on AIMCAL.  We have also just passed 5,000 views on this Web201 vlog.  (Web101 is my trademarked shortcourse material and this blog, being much older, has as many hits in a month).  As a ‘reward’ for your suppor...

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Afraid of Defects
On several occasions I have blogged about being afraid (of customers on 7/27/2009 and then again on10/16/2012 and of knobs just last week 9/11/2014).  This topic, of being afraid, deserves much more treatment because it is one of the biggest handicaps to improvement.  Just last week I ran ...

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In some ways, the paper industry might be more proficient than others, sometimes too proficient.  For example, for decades it has been standard practice in paper mills to align rollers to precisions less than the thickness of a human hair and to maintain those precisions through the life of the...

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Contrary to common belief, operators seldom move knobs as much as they should.  A simple tension example will suffice.  From uncountable experience, we know that the appropriate tension should vary approximately proportional to web thickness (for a given chemistry).  Thus, if you doub...

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The two drum pocket easily one of the most fussy for alignment precision, perhaps even approaching the hairsbreadth accuracy specified by many of the builders.  However, you don’t necessarily need optics or special tooling to detect problems here.  Find out how in this clip. W...

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Knob Twiddlers
How do you know if one of your operators is causing unnecessary trouble by playing with the knobs?  It is quite simple in some situations, you note a sudden (and possibly brief) period of a statistically higher defect rate at shift change.  Here the operator coming onto shift will move the...

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Two-Drum Troubles - TNT's
Two drums winding machines have more knobs than most.  This should be more confusing, but is not.  Find out why in this second in a series of clips. Web201.26b Two-Drum Troubles – TNTs ***201.26b – Two Drum Troubles ...

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Sir  I am facing a following problem from past few days.  Initially I calculate the outer diameter of the roll from the standard formula i.e.. Length = (OD²-ID²)*(¶/4)*(1/thickness) But nowadays I am not getting the correct length from this formula. Generally, my...

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Two-Drum Troubles - Nips
Two drums are the most intolerant of winding machines for several reasons.  Find out why in this first of a series of clips. Web201.26a Two-Drum Troubles - Nips ***201.26a – Two Drum Troubles - Nips 07 Slides Duration 03.49 ...

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What does core crush, starring, telescoping, wrinkling and many other defects have in common?  They are actually composed of distinctly different defects that share only one rather trivial feature:  they have an outcome that looks similar.  This is not even useful for management and c...

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Dr. David Roisum

Dr. Roisum is a well-known authority in the area of web handling and converting. He has authored seven books, including Winding, Rollers and Web-Handling and has coauthored or edited several others. He was a technical editor for Converting Magazine with a monthly column entitled "Web Works." An accomplished professional speaker and instructor, Roisum has been praised for his skill at translating highly technical information into a common sense practical reference. Dave has been honored by TAPPI with their Finishing & Converting Division Award, Thomas W. Busch Prize and Finest Faculty awards and is a TAPPI Fellow. Dave received his Ph.D. from the Web Handling Research Center where he later became an Industrial Advisory Board member.

Dave has worked for the Beloit Corporation as a designer of winding machinery and later as a manager of research, and for Kimberly-Clark as a converting expert serving all business units. He is now a principal of Finishing Technologies Inc., providing consulting services to more than 300 clients who convert or manufacture: paper, film, foil, nonwovens, textiles and many other materials. He has accumulated much practical experience working in nearly 1,000 plants over the course of more than three decades.

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