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In the last clip we talked friction, in this one we talk calibration.  A topic most neglected, almost entirely neglected in our industry. Web201.29c Nips – Gain Calibration ***201.29c – Nips – Gain Calibration 0...

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I am continually surprised by how many of us tolerate design errors; so that I am no longer surprised.  So how do you tell the difference between routine maintenance and being a victim of poor design?  You must look to the outside world and see if everyone else suffers from the same malady...

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My favorite tradeshow of all is just two months away.  You too should be making plans, registering and getting your travel arrangements.  My motivations include those that should also motivate you.  We have access to the best web machine builders, component suppliers and material sour...

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Nips – Loading System Friction
If there were two epidemic design errors with cylinders it would be lack of calibration and lack of attention to friction or hysteresis.  Those who are concerned with product/process stability should be concerned.  Here we focus on friction; a topic equally relevant to dancers and nips, bu...

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My recent paper, The Role of Roller Traction on Spreading at the 2014 AIMCAL Fall Conference, offers detailed discussion on which spreaders work in sliding, traction or both.  However, what I did not do there was give the executive summary for a simple specific question that arises from time to...

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We begin a new mini-series on nips by discussing a mundane but critical aspect of design and maintenance; piping.  Lest you think this subject is beneath notice, think again.  Piping of certain web-handling elements is no less serious than piping the brake lines in your car, people could g...

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Unwind Control
Dr Roisum, can you tell me whether it is best to use a servo motor or magnetic particle brake and gearbox to control an unwind? A simple question that has a well-defined but not short answer.  Let me try to capture the essence.  In principle and in practice there should be no differ...

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AbbottApps - Curl Calculator
Laminator curl is one of the largest troubles for those who laminate or use laminates.  Some of this can be avoided by doing product/process design on a computer first.  ALL of this can be anticipated by well-established curl models that you can run with your fingertips on a fast, free and...

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We are having trim removal problems, particularly with narrow trims.  Do you have knowledge of any written material related to trim handling? I looked at the Roisum Library (database, public version at ) to see what had bee...

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AbbottApps – Wrinkle Predictor
Wrinkling is the largest single cause of waste, delay and customer complaint.  One of the most common sub-cases is due to simple in-plane roller misalignment that is both a machine design and a machine maintenance concern.  The Wrinkle Predictor by AbbottApp lets even the least technical s...

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Dr. David Roisum

Dr. Roisum is a well-known authority in the area of web handling and converting. He has authored seven books, including Winding, Rollers and Web-Handling and has coauthored or edited several others. He was a technical editor for Converting Magazine with a monthly column entitled "Web Works." An accomplished professional speaker and instructor, Roisum has been praised for his skill at translating highly technical information into a common sense practical reference. Dave has been honored by TAPPI with their Finishing & Converting Division Award, Thomas W. Busch Prize and Finest Faculty awards and is a TAPPI Fellow. Dave received his Ph.D. from the Web Handling Research Center where he later became an Industrial Advisory Board member.

Dave has worked for the Beloit Corporation as a designer of winding machinery and later as a manager of research, and for Kimberly-Clark as a converting expert serving all business units. He is now a principal of Finishing Technologies Inc., providing consulting services to more than 300 clients who convert or manufacture: paper, film, foil, nonwovens, textiles and many other materials. He has accumulated much practical experience working in nearly 1,000 plants over the course of more than three decades.

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