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We are having trim removal problems, particularly with narrow trims.  Do you have knowledge of any written material related to trim handling? I looked at the Roisum Library (database, public version at ) to see what had bee...

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AbbottApps – Wrinkle Predictor
Wrinkling is the largest single cause of waste, delay and customer complaint.  One of the most common sub-cases is due to simple in-plane roller misalignment that is both a machine design and a machine maintenance concern.  The Wrinkle Predictor by AbbottApp lets even the least technical s...

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Where can I find machine and component suppliers and what they build?   Are there any ratings for the makes and models and companies? I think the best buyer's guide is AIMCAL's Source Book.  You can search or filter on several different categories to narrow the focus to just on...

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AbbottApps – Wrinkle Troubleshooter
Wrinkling is perhaps the largest single cause of waste, delay and customer complaint. The Wrinkle Troubleshooter by AbbottApp guides the user through the troubleshooting tree to identify the root cause mechanics.  Be sure to bookmark this because it could save you a lot of time and trouble.&nbs...

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About a month ago I blogged on the near uselessness of Google searches for most web handling and web processing needs as well as a good fast and cheap (free) solution.  I needed to do a search on ‘crepe wrinkles’, a quite specific and niche and debilitating wound roll defect.  ...

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AbbottApps – Roll Length and Diameter
The most popular AbbottApp is also the simplest.  Wound Roll Sizer helps you figure out the length of a wound roll given diameter (etc) and vice versa.  It also teaches why thickness measurements are not as straightforward as you might think. Web201.28b AbbottApps – Wound Roll...

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Posted in: Design, Winding
It would be hard to pick my favorite talk because many were great and many were all-new subjects.  So instead I will share what I think is the most important of the web-handling session papers:  Clarence Klassen’s ‘Safety Drives for Web Handling’ because it deals with a m...

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Fast, free and easy makes it the one must-have bookmark in web-handling.  The clip begins a series showcasing a few of the apps and why you will be going back time and time again. Web201.28a AbbottApps - Introduction ***201.28a &n...

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AIMCAL’s 2014 Web Coating and Handling Conference in Myrtle Beach this week was a record smasher: nearly 400 attendees from around the world.  Even without the FlexPackCon SPE pairing, bringing in nearly 100, it is a smash hit. You missed it.  Well, almost.  One of the un...

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Posted in: Current Affairs
Entropy, Information Theory and Buffy
On many occasions I have lamented that lumping together troubles just because they look similar or are found in the same place ruins diagnostic information.  Common examples include lumping different wrinkle types together under an umbrella ‘creasing’ category or different wound rol...

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Dr. David Roisum

Dr. Roisum is a well-known authority in the area of web handling and converting. He has authored seven books, including Winding, Rollers and Web-Handling and has coauthored or edited several others. He was a technical editor for Converting Magazine with a monthly column entitled "Web Works." An accomplished professional speaker and instructor, Roisum has been praised for his skill at translating highly technical information into a common sense practical reference. Dave has been honored by TAPPI with their Finishing & Converting Division Award, Thomas W. Busch Prize and Finest Faculty awards and is a TAPPI Fellow. Dave received his Ph.D. from the Web Handling Research Center where he later became an Industrial Advisory Board member.

Dave has worked for the Beloit Corporation as a designer of winding machinery and later as a manager of research, and for Kimberly-Clark as a converting expert serving all business units. He is now a principal of Finishing Technologies Inc., providing consulting services to more than 300 clients who convert or manufacture: paper, film, foil, nonwovens, textiles and many other materials. He has accumulated much practical experience working in nearly 1,000 plants over the course of more than three decades.

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